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Donnie Nelson: Tyson Chandler Is A Better Fit Than Al Jefferson

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Donnie Nelson claims while that financial flexibility and asset retention are factors, Tyson Chandler is simply a better fit than Al Jefferson for the Mavericks, according to Tim McMahon.

In fact, he went so far as to proclaim that the addition of Chandler gives the Mavs a much better chance to challenge the Lakers, noting that Chandler has the size and athleticism to defend on the block, play the pick-and-roll or bother face-up big men.

“When we do something, all of our sights are set on Los Angeles,” Nelson said. “We’ve got somebody we can throw at [Pau] Gasol now.”

While Dallas has shored up their center rotation, there is still a need for power forward help, after the club missed out on free agent Al Harrington.

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