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Mike Fisher: Haslem Viewed By Heat, Mavs As Special

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Mike Fisher has some details on the Mavericks’ thinking in offering their entire midlevel exception to Udonis Haslem, as well as mention of how Haslem impacts the potential pursuit of Al Jefferson.

Dallas’ plan in offering the Miami free agent an MLE-level deal lays out thusly: He’s a three-position player in the front court, he plays with a toughness that is lacking in Dallas’ recent playoff ousters, he is a defensive stopper of power forwards, and his unselfishness will allow him to play off the bench when necessary.
Oh, and the Mavs want to give him more money than Miami can give him.
Why is this a difficult bidding war to win?
“Haslem,’’ says one NBA source, “is the kind of player who, once you have him, you never want to let him go.’’

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