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If you've already compartmentalized this loss, feel free to skip on by.

Sports aren't fun because they're cold, logical, rational or predictable. They're fun because they're unpredictable events that tweak our emotions. And if you let these groups of highly paid dudes you'll likely never know on a personal level control your emotions, you'll feel some incredible excitement, but also some brutal disappointment.

And right now, this hurts. In the midst of their best season in at least a decade, the Rangers' July struggles have culminated to the point of needing a win tomorrow just to avoid a four-game sweep at home to the worst team in the league.

Worst of all, the rallying cry after two late-game four-run meltdowns was that everything would be OK because Cliff Lee was starting tonight. But now, Lee has allowed six runs in his debut, Smoak is gone, the Rangers have lost the series, and the team just feels lost lately. A seemingly invincible month puts you on a high that makes a simple run of losses feel worse than it actually is.

Of course, none of that is rational. This is just an unfortunate blip on the radar. The Rangers' season isn't over. Lee is still probably going to be awesome the rest of the season. If you thought the trade was worth it, it still is, and if you didn't, this didn't prove you right. And, as my esteemed colleague Mr. Fittz pointed out during the game, as crushing as these losses have been, it's still better to wake up the day after a loss and have the 2010 Rangers than to wake up after a win and have the 2002 Rangers.

These games are heartbreaking because of how awesome this season is for a Rangers fan.

The Yankees lost a series at home to the Mariners. The Rays recently lost 12 of 17, culminating in a series loss to the Diamondbacks. The Red Sox just ended a four-game skid, have been swept by the Orioles and have split with the Royals and Indians. Their seasons aren't over, and I don't think anyone expects the Rangers to be quite as good as those three. This part of the season has really, really, really sucked. This season does not suck and it's doubtful it will continue to suck.

Just, you know ... please let the skid stop?

And, hey, it's not like the Angels are doing much better.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.