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The Mavericks and Andris Biedrins

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Jeff Wade at espndallas has a post up discussing the acquisition of Biedrins.  He suggests trading Dampier and Carrol for Biedrins and Vlad Radmanovich. Of course, every Mavs fan in the world is dreaming of parlaying Dampier and his contract into Lebron/Wade/Johnson etc. I'm sure the Mavs are too, but I'm also sure they have a plan B.


I'm a big fan of Biedrins. He's young, he's a shot blocking/rebounding machine and he's always active. The negatives, he is the worst free throw shooter in the league. Like Charles Barkley bad.  He's injury prone. He missed most of last season with an abdominal tear, among other ailments, and a good chunk of the season before. He has trouble setting effective screens. He's limited to playing around the basket with a lack of a true post game and no jump shot. He makes up for this by getting a majority of his points on offensive put backs and easy dunks. He won't kill you on offense by any means, he only needed around 7 shots to average 11 points in his 2 years of consistent run.  Oh yeah, he also has 4 years 36million remaining on his contract. A big reason why he's available. Nonetheless, he posted a very respectable 10.5pts/9.8rbs/1.2blks in his first year of play and followed that up with an impressive 11.9pt/11rb/1.6blk year in 2008.


This wouldn't be a sexy move by any means, and it wouldn't immediately make the Mavs a title contender like a James or Wade would, but it would make them better.  That's all you can ask for.

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