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Rangers pre-draft Roundup - Sunday Edition

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As teams continue to leak who their targets are up until the draft starts, draft prognosticators continue to change their mock drafts.  However, here's a roundup of the guys the Rangers are being linked to in the latest iteration of some mocks.

Baseball America (premium content) 06/04/10


Mock author: Jim Callis (since it's premium content, the commentary below is mine).

15: ASHER WOJCIECHOWSKI. RHP, The Citadel.  Wojciechowski is a big (6'4" 220lb) righty whose fastball sits in the mid 90's and who also features a decent slider and a below-average change

22: BRYCE BRENTZ, OF, Middle Tennessee State.  Brentz is a small school guy with tons of power, but his level of competition and questions about his swing are definite red flags.


MLB Fanhouse (free content) 06/06/10 and 05/31/10


Mock author:  Frankie Piliere

15: KOLBRIN VITEK, 2B, Ball State.

22: KALEB COWART, RHP/3B, Cook County HS, GA.

Signability might be a big issue with Cowart, but the Rangers may not be as scared off by the big price tag as some are assuming.


Baseball Prospectus (free content) 06/04/10

Mock author:  Kevin Goldstein


This pick is surrounded by a swirl of rumors, most of which revolve around the fact that the Rangers can't be too risky here, as this is the pick they received as compensation for not signing Matt Purke last year, and there is no second compensation for a pick like this. As opposed to going cheap, they'll instead look for someone who should sign quickly for slot. The Rangers have a longstanding affinity for big power pitchers, and Wojchiechowski is just that, consistently getting into the mid-90s all spring. Indiana high school catcher Justin O'Conner could also be in the mix here.

22:  JUSTIN O'CONNER, C/SP, Cowan HS, IN. 

The Rangers have been looking at a number of catchers in the draft, and might be looking at Canada's Kellin Deglan for their cost-control pick at No. 15. If that doesn't happen, they'll be thrilled to see O'Conner still around this late. He might have the best catcher's arm in the minors the second he signs, and while there are some big holes in his swing, his raw power is equally large as far as worthy consideration.



Andy Seiler (free content) 06/02/10


Mock author:  Andy Seiler

15:  ALEX WIMMERS, RHP, Ohio State University.

Though Wimmers is an option for a few teams before this, he's likely a backup option in each slot, making him a natural fit here, where the Rangers could pay him slot money in an unprotected draft slot. A lot of names have been thrown around for this slot, but when it comes down to it, it makes the most sense to go with the simplest answer, which is Wimmers.

22:  KALEB COWART, RHP/3B, Cook County HS, GA.

After going relatively safe with their first pick, which is unprotected, I expect the Rangers to be a little more aggressive with their second pick. That could mean Cowart, who is also a big pitching prospect. He wants to hit, though, and the word is that the Rangers are willing to let him do that for the right price, which is easily over slot. (free content) 06/02/10

Mock author:  Jonathan Mayo

15:  BRANDON WORKMAN, RHP, University of Texas

Staying in their own backyard and taking a college arm could make a lot of sense for the Rangers, especially since this is the pick they would not get compensated for should they be unable to sign their selection.

22:  JUSTIN O'CONNER, C/SP, Cowan HS, IN. 

While there's been a lot of chatter about the Rangers liking Georgia high school standout Kaleb Cowart, one has to wonder how the ownership situation will impact the Draft. It's sounding like Cowart might be an over-slot type guy and while the Rangers haven't shied away from that in the past, they might have to, going with the talented, and perhaps more signable, O'Conner. (free content) 06/04/10

Mock author:  John Sickels

15:  BRANDON WORKMAN, RHP, University of Texas

This pick is unprotected, so a college guy with a home-state connection seems like a good choice to me, especially one whose stock has risen a bit.

22:  GARY BROWN, CF, Cal-State Fullerton

A somewhat budget-oriented pick for the cash-strapped Rangers, but the Rangers weren't afraid of a similar toolsy player with questionable plate discipline back in 2007

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