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What we learned in Chicago

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Thoughts on the Texas Rangers 2-1 series win @ Chicago White Sox:

  • When Meatloaf sang Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad, I don't supposed he was talking about a road baseball series, but he might as well have been. After getting embarrassed in Minnesota, the Rangers needed to stop the bleeding. And luckily enough for the Rangers, the White Sox are so bad, that they make the perfect tourniquet.
  • However, if you would had asked me going into the series which game I would have been most confident that the Ranger would win, I would have told you the game that paired Colby Lewis against Freddy Garcia. Neither Mark Buehrle nor Gavin Floyd have been very good this year, but they've been better than Rich Harden and Scott Feldman. Instead, Harden and Feldman got 9 runs each and Colby Lewis got 3 to work with. And that's how the game that looked like the most winnable of the series, before it began, ended up being the one the Rangers lost. Baseball is weird like that.
  • The Rangers scored 18 runs in the first two games of the series. That's a 2010 Rangers offensive explosion. I bet past Rangers of offensive juggernauts from the '90s, like a Lee Stevens or a Todd Zeile, are having themselves a laugh.
  • Can every team the Rangers play be the White Sox so that Matt Treanor can look like a decent big league player? Treanor has 15 total bases against the White Sox and 22 against the rest of baseball for the year. 15 of his 37 total bases have come in five games against one team. Madness. The White Sox should be embarrassed.

  • I can't stop watching this: Mrwhite_medium

  • One of the smartest things Ron Washington has done in weeks is use Vladimir Guerrero's unexpected eye injury as an excuse to DH Michael Young and put Andres Blanco in at third. If Vlad goes on the DL, which is something you have to suspect will happen at some point this season, utilizing Blanco at third regularly would be welcome. That play. That play was nearly Adrian Beltre great.
  • I can't stop watching this either Fat_medium for different reasons.

  • So, here we are, I've learned two things while watching this past series in Chicago:
  1. Andres Blanco at third is night and day compared to Michael Young defensively.
  2. The fans in Chicago are absolutely enthralling.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.