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Ramifications Of Beltre Addition

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Jeff Wilson reports that Omar Beltre is being called up to start Wednesday’s game against the Angels, and Colby Lewis will be pushed out of the series to Friday.


This is certainly exciting news, though I’m really not sure what to make of it. I’m concerned the best pitcher in Texas this season won’t be pitching in the most important series they’ve played yet. I’m concerned about someone making his Major League debut in said series, though the lack of scouting on him could well be a bonus.


I’m also very concerned about who will go down. I’m really hoping it will be Chris Ray, since he’s been the worst reliever in the pen this season, isn’t a lefty, and it would stop Washington and Maddux from continuing to use him in high-leverage situations with better relievers available. Anthony Andro, however, says it won’t be Ray. Meaning Dustin Nippert, who’s better, or Matt Harrison, who gives the team a lefty, I’m guessing.


Hopefully Andro is wrong, but I doubt it.

Adam Morris has more in-depth discussion on the news.

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