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This Weekend on the Tube


Wow I just finished watching the U.S. match! What a comeback! Too bad the ref didn't show better judgment on the winning goal. But let's not take away from the awesome effort US put forth. There is a lot going on this weekend from soccer to baseball to golf..... OK I guess that's it but there is plenty of it! Now let's see what is going on.


The Texas Rangers are coming of a very impressive road trip ending it with a sweep of the Florida Marlins. Josh Hamilton has been on a tear and Michael Young is indeed becoming the face of the franchise. Now your Rangers head down south to play for that famous Silver Boot. The Houston Astros have been pretty horrible this year. This would be another perfect opportunity to put some distance between them and the rest of the West. Let's Go Rangers! Also Fox and ESPN have both decided to show us the Manny visiting the Red Sox on back to back days.

June 18  Rangers @ Astros  7:05 PM TXA-21

June 19 Rangers @ Astros 6:05 PM FSSW

June 20 Rangers @ Astros 1:05 PM FSSW

June 19 Dodgers vs Red Sox 3:00 PM FOX

June 20 Dodgers vs Red Sox 7:00 PM ESPN

College Baseball

It's awesome what the TCU baseball program has been able to do this year by reaching the College World Series. Make sure to flip back in forth between the World Cup match and the Horn Frogs taking on Florida St.

June 19 TCU vs Florida St 1:00 PM ESPN

June 19 UCLA vs Florida 6:00 PM ESPN

June 20 South Carolina vs Oklahoma 1:00 PM ESPN


Even though two of these games already happened I just like seeing the U.S. on here. There are some great matches going on Saturday. Netherlands vs Japan should be a dozy as they both try to take the lead in their group. But the Match of the weekend has to be Ivory Coast vs Brazil on Sunday. Some really must watch soccer going on here! 

June 18 Germany vs Serbia 6:30 AM ESPN

June 18 USA vs Slovenia 8:55 AM ESPN

June 18 England vs Algeria 1:30 PM ESPN2

June 19 Netherlands vs Japan 6:30 AM ESPN

June 19 Ghana vs Australia 8:55 AM ESPN

June 19 Cameroon vs Denmark 1:30 PM ABC

June 20 Slovakia vs Paraguay 6:30 AM ESPN

June 20 Italy vs New Zealand 8:55 AM ESPN

June 20 Brazil vs Ivory Coast 1:30 PM ABC


After your helping of soccer in the mornings just sit back and relax watching Tiger Woods play his way back to the top. Also we can't forget DFW area native K.J. Choi being only one stoke back from the lead when the day began today.

June 18 US Open 12:00 PM ESPN/NBC

June 19 US Open  2:00 PM NBC

June 20 US Open 3:30 PM NBC

Movie of the Week

Well I had to go with one of my all time favorites. This movie has it all! It teaches you the art of crashing weddings and how to scare people with nunchucks. That's right I'm talking about the greatness that is Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.

June 20 "Wedding Crashers" 5:30 PM Comedy Central

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.