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Mike Lowell Trade Talks

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According to Ken Rosenthal, Mike Lowell’s days in Boston are numbered. As many of you recall, Lowell was supposed to already be a Ranger coming into this year, but a thumb ligament injury ended talks of a Lowell to Texas deal this past December. At the time, Texas was going to send catcher Max Ramirez to Boston for Lowell and pay only three million of the remaining 12 on Lowell’s contract. Talks had supposedly been rekindled during the Spring, but again no deal was made.


So here we are today, 60 games into the Rangers season and Texas is being linked to Mike Lowell again. It’s even more baffling now as to why Texas would want Lowell than it was during the spring or over the winter. Lowell is hitting .225/.313/.338 on the year and is also good for a .113 ISO and .292 wOBA. Even assuming the Rangers don’t have to part with Ramirez at this point to acquire him and assuming Boston would pay the entire remainder of Lowell’s contract, there’s no reason for Texas to acquire Lowell. His bat would be a significant downgrade over whoever he’d be taking at bats from. It’s not like he can field much anymore either, as he had a -18 DRS and -14.4 UZR last year at 3B. We should all hope that the “hovering Angels” that Rosenthal alludes to pull the trigger on Lowell and not the Rangers.

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