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A Festival Of Links - World Cup Edition

After the jump below is a collection of odds and ends linked for your interest.  Some are sports-related, some are not, but all probably worth a click to check out.  We plan to store these found links as we run across them and present them to SBN DFW patrons from time to time when the pile gets high enough.  A little of this.  A little of that.  A little bit of time wasted. 

We're gonna start off today with some high culture and go very very far down from there.  Enjoy ...

Virtual Sistine Chapel - let it load a sec, then use use your mouse to look all around, and up and down.  Controls to zoom in or out are in the lower left.  Atmospheric music will try to load if you allow it.  Whilst soaking up the vibe, please fight any urge you may have to pull out a BFG 9000 and wreck the place.  BTW, the frescoes are done by such art lightweights as Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini and Sandro Botticelli ... who I thought scored a wonderful goal against Juventus in the Coppa Italia a few weeks ago.

We've heard about the bountiful spreads of food available to major leaguers in big league clubhouses.  We've also heard of the unwritten rule in the minors that any rehabbing big leaguer visiting is obligated to cater his host affiliate's postgame spread.  The minor leaguers really appreciate being treated with the occasional steak dinner or hot gourmet pizza.  Here's why - this is the training table the clubbies put out for your local Frisco Roughriders.  mmm

Lasers set to stun, prepare the transporter room, tribbles, Pon Farr - you know where I'm headed ... Star Trek.  How would you like to have a link to every episode of the original Star Trek series presented in it's entirety in crisp clear online video?   Well, here you go.  May I suggest adding a drinking game to enhance your viewing pleasure?  [Warning - SBN DFW does not endorse or condone drinking and watching Star Trek online and will not be held responsible for any mishap incurred while drinking and watching Star Trek online, or while fast-forwarding thru trying to find the bangin' green alien chick Kirk nails during season one.  gwarr ...]

 Imagine Steve McQueen with his arm draped over a babe in a bikini.  Imagine Jack Nicholson groping the handle bars on a chopper.  Imagine Elvis groping Sophia Loren.  Imagine Andy Warhol groping both Yoko Ono and John Lennon.  Imagine an anorexic David Bowie hungrily groping a portly Liz Taylor.  Well, stop.  People are staring.  Instead, CLICK HERE for 7 pages of candid celebrity photos. 

We all love us some Pink Floyd - Meddle, Wish You Were Here, Animals - psychedelic greatness.  But for every 70's era pysch/prog band that hit it big there are dozens that withered on the vine.  Here's a link to a collection of those fallen acid-crazed guitar-and-synth heroes of yore.  Put on some Mainhorse, or some Whalefeathers, or some Kraan.  Crazy thing is - some of it ain't bad.  Whalefeathers?  Who knew?

We'll finish up with a few soccer-related links in honor of the World Cup kicking off today ... 

We're guys.  We're even "guy's guys."  We like sports and farting and drinking and looking at famous male soccer stars in their underwear.  You betcha.  Well ... maybe if Annie Liebovitz is the photographer we do.  Scroll down for a behind the scenes video of the shoot.  BTW, the World Cup Blog at Vanity Fair is actually pretty decent - might be worth a bookmark.

Moving on, our masculinity only slightly in doubt, here's a new commercial put out by Adidas with a Stars Wars cantina theme.  Try to spot Franz Beckenbauer.  Stick with it to the end because some idiot gave David Beckham a speaking line during the finale, which is always a bad idea.  Gad.

If I mention Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, or Arthur Antunes Coimbra, or Edison Arantes do Nascimento, you probably have no idea who I'm talking about.  But if I say Kaka, Zico or Pele you recognize straightaway the nicknames of Brazilian soccer legends.  How did they come by these nicknames?  What formula did they use to arrive at them?  Easy.  They went to the Brazil Name Generator, plugged in their given names and out spit some samba magic.  Take for example our esteemed editor, Brett Perryman.  Slap him in a #10 Brazil jersey and his name instantly turns into Brisco.  Olé, Brisco!!  What's yours?

You're bound to miss a game or two during the Cup - life is so unfair.  Never fear, here's a decent website for soccer highlights.  Vuvuzela!! 

Lastly, you'll need a schedule of events to keep up with the action down in South Africa.  Well, surprise, we have one of those, too.  Takes a few seconds to load, and looks like a whip, but this thing is actually kinda handy and cool once you figure out what's what.

Photographs by jamesbrandon, jdtornow, phlezk, flygraphix, mcdlttx, tomasland, and literalbarrage used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.