Big 12 Media Days: Texas Coach Mack Brown Anticipates Change In Offensive Philosophy

At the Big 12 Media Days in Dallas on Tuesday, Texas longhorns coach Mack Brown addressed the assembled reporters. Brown was asked about a variety of subjects, but his most glowing comments were reserved for defensive back Carrington Byndom.

Carrington will be one of the best defensive backs that we've had. He's smart. He's in great condition. He's very
confident. He doesn't say a whole lot. And that probably has hurt him some on the national scene.

But he played a lot as a freshman for us. He started and had an outstanding year last year for us. He's a guy that can intercept the ball. He can make plays. He's physical. And I think that he will end up being one of
the better defensive backs in the country this year.

The other biggest revelation came on towards the end of his time. Brown was asked whether he foresees any change in offensive philosophy in the coming season to better keep up with the ubiquitous spread offense in the Big 12.

I think yes. I think what we'll do is we'll try to be balanced. We'll play to our confidence. We'll play to the guys that are performing the best and making the plays, but we felt like the biggest thing when we rushed the ball for 441 yards against Texas Tech and Kansas back to back last year and then lost both backs the next week with Missouri and lost Fozzy Whittaker and we were not able to throw the ball well enough to hang in there, and John Harris got hurt and Jaxon Shipley got hurt. We were pretty much crippled across the board in a lot of those different areas.

We feel like to win our league, which is what we want to do, we've got to be balanced and we've got to be able to throw it as well as run it. So we do not want to be a running football team. We'd like to be a team that can do both. And we feel like we've made so much progress in the running game that we can line up and run the ball just about every week.

But you're not going to be able to do that continuously against really good defenses unless you can throw it and keep them off balance.

Will the Longhorns make a statement in the conference this year? We're only a few months from finding out.

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