NBA Lockout: Owners, Players Agree To Tentative Deal To End Lockout

The NBA Lockout is over, training camps are set to open on Dec. 9 as is free agency as is training camp.

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NBA Lockout Deal: Salary Cap To Stay Steady At $58 Million, Salary Floor Up To $49 Million

With the NBA Lockout over, details are coming out  about the entire deal piece by piece. The salary cap was a key point in these negotiations since the basketball related income is dropping from 57 percent for the players down between 49 - 51 percent. The salary cap is projected to be at $58 million for the 2011-12 season which is the same as the 2010-11 season and could be the same through the 2012-13 seasons.

That $58 million will be prorated for the 66-game season which would put the cap approximately at $47.4 million in actual dollar figures, the players income would be prorated as well. This will make figuring out contract amounts for free agents for this season a bit more difficult since the prorated cap is approximately 20 percent less.

The salary floor also has been set and increase from $45 million to $49 million which was in the last CBA. There are no teams that are threat to not meet the salary floor, but if they do fail to meet the salary floor teams are forced to split the deficit among players under contract. 

The Dallas Mavericks have no concern of being at the salary floor since their 2011-12 projected salary as of now with players under contract is expected to be above $60 million. With the Mavericks expecting to be above the salary cap they are not going to face any higher luxury tax penalties as those penalties as well as repeater offenders will stay the same for this season and next season as well.

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NBA Lockout Ends!

The NBA lockout is over.


NBA Lockout: League To Cancel All November Games, According To Report

The 2011-12 NBA season is already going to be abbreviated; we knew this much for certain when the league cancelled the first two weeks of regular season games. Now, Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the latest failed round of negotiations will lead the NBA to cancel all games through November 30.

That move would mean that the Dallas Mavericks' first 16 games of the season would be cancelled, with nine more between November 16 and November 30 falling victim to this round of cancellations. But while the Mavericks lost prime match-ups with the Chicago Bulls and Oklahoma City Thunder in the first two weeks, the next two weeks didn't look as juicy.

Maybe the best game in the nine was a trip to Memphis on November 16 to take on the Grizzlies, last summer's playoff surprise. Beyond that, the only playoff team Dallas would have played at home was Portland on November 28.

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NBA Lockout Negotiations Stall Over Proposed Split Of Basketball-Related Income, Cancellations Coming

The NBA lockout seemingly won't be resolved on this Friday. Multiple reports — the New York Times's Howard Beck's among them — say that negotiations between the NBA and the NBPA have broken down for the day.

As for what the two sides are currently at an impasse over, it appears to be the split in basketball-related income. From ESPN's Brian Windhorst:

League source said talks broke when players wouldn't accept less than 52% of BRI. No talks scheduled. More cancellations today.

That BRI — basketball-related income — has been at the heart of the negotiations all along, with players seeking to keep their share over 50 percent and nearer to 53 percent, while owners have been angling for a 50-50 split or better in their favor.

Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski further reports that BRI wasn't the only sticking point in Friday's negotiations, and CBS Sports' Ken Berger reports that Chris Paul told a reporter that he hopes there will be further negotiations this weekend.

The NBA has already cancelled the first two weeks of the 2011-12 season as a result of the lockout, resulting in seven cancelled games for the defending champion Dallas Mavericks. As for the cancellations Windhorst mentions, what they will be is currently unclear.

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NBA Lockout: 50-50 Split Presented As Ultimatum In Latest Mediation

The NBA lockout has already cost two weeks of games, and probably more, but after hours of negotiations over the past few days nothing is accomplished. The main issue is over how to split basketball related income and in the latest rounds ouf negations on Thursday the owners presented a "take it or leave" it 50-50 split.

NBPA union executive Billy Hunter gave that ultimatum the reason that talks broke down. Hunter said that the players will not accept a 50-50 split unless they know what the structure will look like regarding a salary cap, luxury tax and exceptions will eventually look like. Hunter also went on to say that the 50-50 split was to break the players association.

This 50-50 split was all in the presence of the mediator who was to make this process move along and get a deal done, and the extremely long hours that all sides have spent together are not getting this deal done any sooner. The main sticking point is still how to split the basketball related income.


NBA Lockout: Dallas Mavericks First Seven Games Cancelled Due To Lockout

Monday's announcement by David Stern that the first two weeks of the NBA regular season has been cancelled means the loss of seven games for the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks who were set to open their season on Nov 1. With more cancellations likely to come, here is a look at what the latest announcement will cost Dallas. 

The Mavericks lose four home games including the home opener against the Bulls. Other home games affected are with Oklahoma City, Memphis and Golden State. Dallas also won't be making its previously scheduled trips to San Antonio, Toronto or New Jersey. 

Nov 1 Vs Chicago
Nov 4 at San Antonio
Nov 5 Oklahoma City
Nov 7 at Toronto
Nov 9 at New Jersey
Nov 11 Memphis
Nov 14 Golden State

For more on the NBA Lockout, be sure and check out this SB Nation StoryStream. For more on the Dallas Mavericks, check out Mavs Moneyball.
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