After Monday's Circuit Court Ruling, NFL Lockout Locked In Through Appeals Process

Jerry Jones is in the nation's capital for negotiations and owners strategy meetings in advance of tomorrow's expected lockout. Cowboys coaches and players back in Dallas prepared Wednesday for what seems to be inevitable.

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NFL Lockout News: Owners Granted Full Delay On Monday In Lockout Suit

Monday brought bad news on the NFL Lockout front. Bad news unless you’re one of the 32 ownership groups that is. A circuit court granted a full stay on the injunction that would have ended the lockout on Monday, meaning the league remains permanently shut down while the league’s appeal is heard early next month.

That’s unfortunate news for free agents and rookies eager to sign their first professional contract or hoping to learn their future in 2011 and beyond, the news is particularly discouraging. Monday’s ruling halts any and all player transactions until a St. Louis court hears the NFL’s appeal of the injunction ruling that lifted the lockout for a few short hours in late April.

Oral arguments in the appeal will take place on June 3rd, with a final ruling expected to be handed down within a week or two’s time afterwards. Here’s one take on what today’s ruling means for all relevant parties:

“This is the decision that, practically, means everything,” said Robert Boland, a professor of sports management at New York University and a labor and antitrust lawyer who has worked as a sports agent. “This is who has control of the game board. That’s far more important, practically, than who has the legal rights on their side. If the league is opened for business it’s very difficult for owners to push them back out. Every day they are open, the economic value and the optics says you need to stay open. This puts a lot of pressure on players. No roster bonuses will be paid. There won’t be per diems which are important to younger players. It’s the worst thing for them from a solidarity perspective.”

Mediated negotiations also resumed on Monday, but after Monday’s ruling, it’s hard to imagine that the owners would be all that interested in negotiating in any sort of purposeful way. If they get their way early next month, the players would then be in a huge bind as they decide whether or not to remain resolute or acquiesce to the power plays being made by the league and its owners.


NFL Lockout: Seven Day Extension Granted

Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated has reported that the National Football League Player's Association has approved a seven day extension on talks for a new collective bargaining agreement. The new deadline for talks between the two parties is now next Friday, March 11, at 5:00 P.M. EST.

That talks are being extended is extremely encouraging. There is sentiment that a deal is likely to get done in the near-future, hopefully within the time frame of the current extension. That an extension was agreed upon by both parties is a testament to progress being made as well. 


NFL Lockout: NFLPA, Owners Agree To Extend Negotiations By One Week

NFL labor talks took an interesting turn earlier today when the NFLPA and the league’s owners agreed to set a new deadline for negotiations on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement. Adam Schefter reports the new deadline is next Friday, March 11, at 5 PM.

As SB Nation’s own Joel Thorman explains, “this extension is the best possible news we could get,” as it could signal a new CBA is on its way. Indeed, there’s plenty of stumbling blocks on the way to securing an agreement, but the “momentum,” as Thorman called it, has to encourage NFL fans hoping this season won’t be locked out.


NFL Lockout News: Expiration of CBA Extended By 24-Hours While NFL And Players Association Continue Negotiations

It may not mean that an agreement is right around the corner, but the NFL and the NFLPA have agreed to extend the current collective bargaining agreement for another 24 hours while negotiations continue. The CBA was set to expire at 11:59 pm this evening, but according to multiple reports, that deadline has been bumped back one day until the final minute of the week on Friday night. For Cowboys fans desperate to see a normal offseason and 2011 regular season, this is at least somewhat promising news. 


Stay tuned for more information on the negotiations, and the implications of a potential lockout here at SB Nation. We’ll also be updating this stream with all the latest available news as a lockout looms.


NFL Lockout News: NFL And Union Had 'Better Than Expected' Meeting On Wednesday

The current NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement expires in a little more than 12 hours, and there is no sign that we are getting any closer to reaching agreement on a new one before that time. But there are signs of progress. According to reports, the meetings between the NFL and the player's union went "better than expected" on Wednesday.

That said, Don Banks of tweeted that a source tells him Wednesday's meeting between the NFL and NFLPA -- which included several owners and active players -- went "better than expected". Unfortunately for fans who want football, this could just as easily mean, 'We were 100 miles apart and now we're just 99 miles apart.'

That last sentence certainly tempers expectations a little bit. As we said below, it is unlikely that the two sides will reach an agreement before midnight tonight. But this is really the first report that we have heard that the two sides have made anything resembling progress. Even if they don't reach an agreement today, they can still come to terms throughout the rest of the offseason. to try and make something happen. Progress like that was made yesterday inspires some optimism that an agreement can be reached before next season.

For more on the labor talks, check out the stream at SB Nation.


NFL Lockout News: Jerry Jones Mum As He Heads Back To Dallas

The NFL and the Players Union are meeting in Washington, D.C. once again today in the hopes of coming to an agreement on a new Collective Bargaining Agreement before the current one expires at midnight tonight. There are some owners that have stuck around to see negotiations along, but that group does not include Jerry Jones. According to Howard Fendrich at Sign On San Diego, Jones left the D.C. area late last night to return home, and will not take part in the negotiations that are going on today.

The owners didn't spend much time discussing where the negotiations stood Wednesday, cutting their planned two-day meeting to a three-hour affair at a suburban hotel. Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, both members of the labor committee, headed home rather than stick around for further talks with the union.

"We can't comment, and even more so, we're certainly still involved in our dialogue, and so there is no comment," Jones said."

If two members of the labor committee, which I would assume is a pretty important faction of owners, are heading home, that doesn't bode well for an agreement being reached. If it was pretty close to happening, I would imagine that Kraft and Jones would be willing to stick around and see it through.

Keep checking back here for more updates, or check out the stream at SB Nation for more information.


NFL Lockout Looms And Jerry Jones Is In Washington D.C.

With the NFL set to lock out players at midnight Thursday night and NFL players expected to decertify their association earlier in the day, NFL labor armageddon has arrived. Calvin Watkins reports that Jerry Jones has made his way to the middle of the mess.

The NFL ownership labor committee is in Washington, D.C. for the talks with the NFLPA and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is there team officials have confirmed.

The owners are expected to have a brief meeting around 11 CT with more talks with the union possibly for the evening.

The NFL's labor committee consists of Jerry Richardson (co-chair), Pat Bowlen (co-chair), Mike Brown, John Mara, Art Rooney, Clark Hunt, Mark Murphy, Robert Kraft, Dean Spanos and Jones.

Meanwhile, Jason Garrett's new coaching staff met with some of their players today, presumably to help players prepare for the shutdown and to understand what they can and cannot do.  

"Yeah we had a meeting today," Cowboys fullback Chris Gronkowski told WFAA-TV in Dallas. "We talked about [the potential lockout] and everyone is concerned about that. Right now, no one knows how long it's going to last. We just kinda got to get prepared for the offseason."

"Just trying to get everyone ready," tackle Sam Young said. "I think you come closer down to crunch time and everyone has questions and everyone is just trying to figure out what's exactly going on. So I think it was just more getting everyone prepared."

While Jason Garrett remains in place, there was significant turnover on his staff, and the new Rob Ryan defense will have to be installed once the lockout ends.

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