Robbie Griffin


Though I'm currently a resident of eastern Washington state, I've counted myself as a Cowboys fan since I first saw Emmitt Smith run over a would-be tackler and a Rangers fan since my father first took me to see Nolan Ryan in person. I am a huge follower of objective research in sports, the advancement of the NFL passing game, college basketball and an unapologetic but understanding minority fan of college football bowl games (though not the current BCS). Some of my writing in the past includes beat writing for the Daily Evergreen in Pullman, Washington, and link herding for SB Nation's own Beyond the Boxscore.


Mike Olt's future in Texas

Continuing a series of discussions on the Texas Rangers' problems with having too many good players blocking too many good prospects, and what they should do about it.

The Rangers' Shortstop "Problem"

With a star in Elvis Andrus and a future star in Jurickson Profar, where -- and when -- should Texas make a move?

Eulogy For The 2012 Texas Rangers

Now that Rangers season has been laid to untimely rest, we can reflect on this beautiful dream turned grim nightmare.

Rangers End Rangers' Season


Josh Hamilton's Texas career most likely ends on a very sour note, as the last game of the Rangers' season ended from the same afflictions that cut their pennant races short: poor management, bad...

Top 25 Texas Rangers Playoff Moments

The biggest positive swings in win probability in the Rangers' postseason history.

Rangers Vs Orioles Wild Card Preview

The Rangers will be a player in the first attempt at baseball's new playoff format, trying to save a season dangerously close to lost against a team with many familiar faces.

Game 162: It comes down to this

Just when you thought the season was safe, the Rangers' lives are still on the line in game 162. How did they get to this point, and how do they stack up in the first playoff game of the year?

What Is Happening In Oakland?


On the morning of a big series with the Rangers' closest rivals in the American League West, we take a look at how the Oakland A's have gotten to this point.

2012 Texas Rangers Enter Top 10


Since this has been so fun the past two years, let’s count down.↵With Sunday’s victory, the 2012 Texas Rangers squad enters the top 10 in franchise win totals. They tie the ’78, ’76, and ’09...

Chuck Morgan Thanks Rangers Fans For Three Million Season


Chuck Morgan stops by Lone Star Ball to thanks Rangers fans for helping the club hit a historic number.

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