KD Drummond


KD Drummond has been writing about the Dallas Cowboys on SB Nation since the 2010 season, after being a fan of the team since the late '80's. His goal is to inject humor and entertainment into his analysis and news reporting, and occasionally he's been successful. When he isn't tracking any and all things Cowboys, he tends to think of himself as an amateur prognosticator and fantasy football expert. His trophy case and bank account are searching for a book deal to tell their side of the story. A family man, KD owns and operates a small graphic design and printing service in the Washington DC area, One.Life.Designs. He also is the producer and co-host of a weekly radio social commentary show, Flood The Block, which currently airs every Tuesday night at 7 eastern on rocktheflow.com. KD graduated from Bowie State University and is currently working on preventing the Washington Redskins from tarnishing his school's reputation and moving their team facilities there.


Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agents: Donavon Kemp Profile

What came first the chicken or the egg? What kind of third receiver do you want; someone capable of filling in for your one or two or a bonafide slot receiver? It appears that while no one on earth...

Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agents: George Bryan Profile

The Dallas Cowboys have little depth behind Jason Witten at the tight end position. Over the offseason, they decided not to pursue a new cntract with underwhelming Martellus Bennett; letting him...

Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agents: Tim Benford Profile

The Dallas Cowboys are looking for someone to step up and take the third receiver position by the horns. They attempted to draft one, but he suffered an early offseason broken foot that has taken D...

Cowboys Crunchtime Podcast With Special Guest, Dave Halprin, Editor of Blogging The Boys

Late last week, I had a sit down with the esteemed Dave Halprin, founder and editor of BloggingTheBoys.com, SB Nation's Dallas Cowboys blog. Dave and I continued to discuss topics from the first...

Mike Jenkins Wants Out ... So What?

Dallas Cowboys cornerback Mike Jenkins wants the team to trade him. Is that really what's in Dallas' best interest?

Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agents: Aston Whiteside Profile

Going into the draft, the Dallas Cowboys were still relatively thin at the inside linebacker position. The team decided not to tender offers to free agents Keith Brooking nor longtime Cowboys B...

Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agents: Harland Gunn Profile

Now that's the name of a Dallas Cowboy. Harland Gunn received a $5,000 signing bonus from the club to participate in the rookie mini-camp and he made it past the first round of cuts. Now the guard...

Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agents: Ben Bass Profile

So, just who is this Ben Bass guy? He's a hard person to develop a profile for; but he obviously performed well enough in his rookie-minicamp tryout for the Dallas Cowboys to make the team sign him...

Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agents: Jamize Olawale Profile

When Valley Ranch opened for business today, the Dallas Cowboys didn't waste much time in getting down to official business. During the rookie minicamp, the team had several players in for tryouts...

Dallas Cowboys Undrafted Free Agents: Levy Adcock Profile

How exactly does a two-time Big 12 Selection go undrafted? Not sure, but the Cowboys will take their chances that they've found a diamond in the rough in Oklahoma State's tackle Levy Adcock. In...

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