Christopher Fittz


Christopher Fittz was born and raised in the gambling haven of Northwest Louisiana in a house that was paved over and became a casino parking lot. In Northwest Louisiana, the Dallas area teams are the home team. Now aged 27, he resides in Oakland, CA where he masquerades as a comedy writer who happens to write for Lone Star Ball and SB Nation Dallas. He finds a lot of humor in sports. He isn't a virgin. Email him at apoplecticfittz@gmail.com


What We Learned Against Boston


The Texas Rangers came into this series against the Boston Red Sox on the heels of perhaps the most disappointing loss of the season. The followed up that loss by showing that it won't fold in an...

Rangers Off Day Video


Ranger fan Glenn Casper made a video back in April that was two parts Rangers rallying cry, one part Brad Neely tribute. It quickly became one of my favorite things on the Internet because it...

What We Learned Against New York


The Rangers and Yankees auditioned for a role in October Baseball in this August two game series and it looks like they're both going to get a part. Now we just need to find out who is going to get...

What We Learned In Oakland


Playing .500 ball on the road should be enough to get the Rangers where they're going. However, the new race is for home field advantage in the American League Division Series.

What We Learned In Seattle


The Rangers played the Mariners in Seattle and came away with a series win, including a win over Felix Hernandez, and a tie for their biggest lead of the season. It was good.

What We Learned In Anaheim


The Rangers played the Angels in a tense August battle. Just kidding. The Rangers are done worrying about the Angels but you can read about the nuances of the series anyway.

Post Angels Series Fun


Thanks to a large division lead, a loss to the Angels in August doesn't have the Pavlovian sting of past seasons. However, no one likes a loss before an off day no matter the circumstances. So,...

What We Learned Against Oakland


So this is what it's like? This is what's it's like to bury your division before August? I've seen all of the other teams in the AL West do this to the Rangers before--sometimes before the end of...

What We Learned Against Anaheim


We started hearing it in June. Sure, the Rangers were winning. The Rangers were winning more than they had ever won before. But they're beating the Houstons, Milwaukees, and Pittsburghs of the...

What We Learned in Detroit


What did we learn in Detroit? We learned the Rangers can beat the Tigers in Detroit, finally. After 11 straight losses dating back to 2008, the Rangers not only won a game at Comerica Park, but...

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